Earn To Die 3

Third part of popular zombie game – Earn to Die. Some people call it Earn to Die 3 as well, but original name of this game is Earn to Die 2012 part 2. So now that we know original name of the game let’s look on other important things like game controls, new updates, new feature, etc.

First of all I want to thank developers of this game – Toffee Games, awesome work guys, really this game is pretty interesting and fun to play, brings a lot of entertainment and adrenaline, also storyline of the game is pretty interesting as well.Earn To Die 3

Helicopter of our main character had accident once again in the middle of the desert, but he will never surrender and he will fight army of zombies in order to survive and reach camp where people can live without fear of death.

As the game starts you will notice that there are four main stages: Forgotten Hills, Cactus Ride, Red Canyon and Desert Dash. Each level is unique and different, with different obstacles and strategies to deal with zombies.

In order to start game you must select your stage and after that click glowing button which says “Garage”. Few things about new garage, you have new vehicles here, new upgrades and other great opportunities as well. Choose wisely you car accessories if you want to win the game. At first you won’t have any resources at all (0$), but later on you will earn money which will allow you to get better cars, with higher speed and fire power.

Game controls
Navigation in the game is simple as always, use up arrow key in order to accelerate and use left/right arrow keys if you want to tilt.

P.S. I was able to earn 718$ at the first level of the game, with basic car and zero upgrades, let me know what was your score in the game (challenge accepted LOL).