Earn to Die

Earn to Die is an online action based zombie survival game whereby you race your car over landscapes killing zombies with it. As you advance you can upgrade your car giving you a greater ability to kill more zombies.

How to Play:
Timeline: This game has different multiple levels, you are required to try to move across to the end from the beginning in just a number of days. The line at the top shows how far you’ve moved along with a particular level.
Accelerate: The accelerate button (that’ll help you move forward in the game) found on the bottom right hand of the screen. You’ll have to be smart about when to use this accelerate button as fuel is scarce.
Fuel: Fuel is a crucial thing in this game. The more fuel you have, the more zombies you can reach and kill and the more money you’ll get which you can use to upgrade your car further. This will then allow you to progress further ahead. Here your fuel gauge is next to the speedometer. Zombie Count: You can view how many zombies you have killed/slain on a particular day on the top left corner of the screen. The more zombies you kill, the more you earn. Earn to DieBoost: Boost is an additional fuel source. This will further propel you down the timeline. Use it prudently, because it goes extremely fast, even when you’ve fully upgraded your car. Upgrades: This is almost the best part of the game. The better your car and the more upgrades you do to your car, the further it will take you. Along the bottom you’ll see all areas indicated that you can upgrade and the dollar value each upgrade is associated with. There are weapons and standard car parts such as tires, engines, transmission and many more. There are also bigger fuel tanks and weapons that when added will aide you in killing more zombies. Additional Modes: Two additional modes exist in this game: the Halloween and the Championship mode. The Halloween mode, features collecting pumpkins which are scattered on all the levels of the game while the Championship mode is basically the story form of the game, with the admonition of trying to do it in the fastest/shortest time possible. These will be unlocked once you complete the chief story mode of the game.

Controls of the game
You’ll need to flee to the helicopter. By destroying the undead bodies you’ll get more money and be able to upgrade your car.
Controls: Arrows will help you Move or navigate, X will help you Boost / will help you shoot. alternatively you can change the settings to suit your style.